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The Grace Project is the result of a collaborative process.

To keep everyone safe, it was decided to maintain anonymity, me being the exception. I am humbled, grateful, and inspired by those who made The Grace Project happen. I cannot thank you enough.


For now, we know you as:

Brains: Co-founder – a thousand thanks.

Retreat Team – superb colleagues who inspire, guide, understand and most important of all, listen.

Tech and Social guru – we would not be here without your vision.

Professional input from my own clinical support has been invaluable and experienced colleagues have moderated, reviewed and guided me every step of the way.

Additionally, significant recognition must go to the men and women who have found the courage to change their course, to survive and thrive after the abuse, and to share their stories.

You give strength and hope to those still suffering and therefore it is to you that we owe the greatest debt of gratitude.


Margaret Ward-Martin

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Margaret Ward-Martin

BA (Hons), MA, PGCE, Post Graduate Cert. in Coaching Psychology, MBACP, Int. Aff. APA

Above all, the mission of The Grace Project is to raise you up and to help you recognise the power you have as a survivor and thriver.

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